The table below explains the conveyancing process for buying property.

Receipt of Contract
Your Solicitor You
  • We receipt and allocate your contract and contact you to discuss what to do next
  • We prepare and forward you a comprehensive letter with documents for your perusal and signing
  • We order Title Search & Registered Plan Search
  • Notify seller’s solicitor that we are acting for you
  • We prepare transfer documents and forward them to the seller’s solicitors for signing
  • Take out building and public liability insurance
  • Organise Building & Pest Inspections, and notify us regarding results prior to due date*
  • Organise unconditional finance prior to due date and notify us
    • who (finance, person)*
    • where (location, branch)*
    • contact numbers*
    • are you refinancing another property?*
  • Provide us with details of loan and your contribution*
Going Unconditional
Your Solicitor You
  • If required, we will seek an extension to condition that has yet to be fulfilled Notify Agent
  • After conditions are met, your contract is now unconditional
  • Arrange mortgage documents to be signed by you and delivered back to financier/broker*
Lead Up to Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • We order and obtain remaining searches and check all Searches
  • Prepare settlement figures
  • Book settlement with your financier and seller’s solicitor
  • Advise financier of cheque details for settlement
  • Receive correspondence from us and complete and return to with a cheque for the cost of searches
  • Chase up financier to ensure they are ready for settlement and have no outstanding items (ie. Fire Insurance)
  • Forward balance of settlement monies to be paid to seller, stamp duty and our fees by way of bank cheques as directed by us
Just Prior to Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • Advice you of cheque details required for the settlement as soon as possible. Cheque details are dependent on all parties involved
  • This could be as late as the day of settlement depending on when information is available
  • After we advise you of the cheque details, you arrange Bank Cheques for settlement, and our fees and provide these to us
  • This could be as late as the day of settlement depending on when information is available.
Your Solicitor You
  • Attend settlement
  • Send final letters to confirm details of settlement (to you and agent*)
  • Contact you and agent to confirm settlement.
  • Pay Office of State Revenue (stamp duty).
  • Receive final letter and Tax Invoice from us after settlement
Post Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • For cash purchases, stamp the transfer and then lodge the transfer
  • Send final letter to you with details of settlement figures and tax invoice for our account