Fixed price Conveyancing in Queensland

Homeowners considering buying or selling properties often get confused by the conveyancing process. As one of the most significant parts of the moving process, it’s important to understand the concept of conveyancing.  The fact is it’s not that complicated also once you understand the basics.

Conveyancing is the act of transferring the property title from one to another and you need to arrange this if you are buying or selling property. The legal service ensures that the buyer secures title of the property together with the rights that run with it. We offer a whole range of property conveyancing services, tailored to suit your need. It’s pertinent to mention here that we are also the trusted provider of conveyancing in Queensland that property buyers’ turn to time and time again.

What is conveyancing?

In lay language conveyancing is the legal and administrative process which is associated with transferring ownership of a property. Legally speaking; if you’re buying, selling or if you are remortgaging a property then also you may need to undertake some form of conveyancing for satisfying the legal requirements. For practical purpose conveyancing refers to the work undertaken by a licensed conveyancer that involves exchange of contracts and completion as milestones.

Who undertakes conveyancing?

Conveyancing has been undertaken by solicitors in Queensland. Our team of experienced property solicitors in Brisbane & Gold Coast provide clear, effective and understandable solutions to your legal matters.

How much does it cost?

This to a large extent depends on the property you’re selling or buying and also on any complexities that exist. For instance; leasehold properties attract higher conveyancing fees because the conveyancing process involved is more complicated. We offer fixed price conveyancing in Queensland when you buy or sell residential property.

How long does it take?

Conveyancing is usually completed within the settlement time frame that you agree to in the property sale / purchase contract. On an average this can range from 4 to 12 weeks from initial instruction to completion. When buying or selling your property it is essential that everything goes smoothly. Our rich experience combined with our pricing & service advantage means that choosing us as your legal representative is an easy decision