The table below explains the conveyancing process for selling property.

Your Solicitor You
  • In ACT, NSW, VIC we draft your contract of sale.
  • In QLD & WA, we receipt and allocate your contract and contact
  • We prepare and forward you a comprehensive letter with documents for your perusal and signing.
  • We order Title Search.
  • Notify buyer’s solicitor that we are acting for you.
  • We receive transfer documents from the seller’s solicitors
  • Ensure that your mortgagee has commenced preparations required for settlement.
Going Unconditional
Your Solicitor You
  • We receive notification from buyer’s solicitor that all conditions.
  • Notify Agent
  • Forward Land Registry Transfer documents to you for signing.
  • After conditions are met, your contract is now unconditional
  • Arrange mortgage documents to be signed by you and delivered back to financier/broker*
Lead Up to Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • Liaise with your mortgagee to ensure they are prepared for settlement
  • Prepare settlement figures
  • Book settlement with your mortgagee and buyer’s solicitor
  • Advise buyer of cheque details for settlement
  • Receive correspondence from us and complete and sign Information Statement and return to us with a cheque for the cost of the title searches
  • Chase up mortgagee to ensure they are ready for settlement and that you will receive sufficient funds to discharge the mortgage*
  • Confirm details of how you would like the settlement monies remaining after paying out your mortgage to be paid to you.
  • Sign Land Registry Transfer documents (witnessed by a Justice of the Peace) and return to us promptly.
Just Prior to Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • Examine the Land Registry Transfer documents to ensure it has been correctly completed and signed and witnessed
  • Contact your mortgagee to obtain the payout amount for your mortgage*
  • This could be as late as the day of settlement depending on when information is available.
  • Finalise your arrangements to ensure that you will have vacated the property and taken all of your possessions by the time of settlement.
  • Make arrangements with the real estate agent for keys to be made available to the buyer following settlement.
Your Solicitor You
  • Attend settlement
  • Contact you and agent to confirm settlement
  • Receive final letter and Tax Invoice from us after settlement
Post Settlement
Your Solicitor You
  • Send final letters to confirm details of settlement (to you and agent*)

* where applicable

  • Enjoy the Proceeds of your sale