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PEXA is an Australian platform to pay for Property Settlements through real estate transactions. Verifying your identity is an important step in the transfer process, including e-conveyancing, avoiding any fraudulent transactions. Legal Guru Lawyers offer safe and easy options to secure your identity.

With e-conveyancing, we need to be very diligent as, when using PEXA, we sign transfer documents directly on your behalf; this is not possible with standard paper settlement if you are a seller.

Images showing various forms of ID

How do we verify your identity through PEXA settlement?

There are three ways to verify your identity:

  1. Face-to-face appointments

We can verify who you are in the house by meeting face-to-face in our offices.


  1. Protect your digital platform with InfoTrack

You can secure your identity remotely on a secure digital platform provided by a company called InfoTrack. You get verified by uploading your passport and driver’s license scans and taking your own photo and video.

The current fee for this service is $ 9.90. This service can be useful for those who are tech savvy and have access to a webcam.


  1. Australia Post

You can use Australia Post as an Identity Verifier service.

To use the Australian Post service, you need to visit your participating local post office to verify your identity.

Australia Post costs for this service and as of June 2020, the cost of this service is $ 49, which is payable to Australia Post. We expect this service to be useful to customers who live far away or who do not wish to travel to the city.

If you purchase a property, we will accept a certified copy of your identity document, certified by your Local Justice of Peace.

If you are selling property, please visit our office to verify your identity, use the InfoTrack ID service or use the Australia Post service mentioned above.


What kind of ID do you need?

Generally, the best ID forms you can provide are a passport AND an Australian driver’s license or proof of age card. If you have changed your name (for example, you are married) and your current ID shows your old name, you will need to provide proof of this such as a marriage certificate or change of name certificate.

If you do not have a valid passport, you will need to provide an Australian driver’s license or proof of age card AND a full birth certificate or citizenship certificate and a Medicare or Centrelink Card or DVA card. As above, you will also need to provide a name change evidence if your current ID shows the old name.

For a complete list of required documentation please refer to the PEXA website.


What happens when I travel overseas?

If you travel overseas, you will need to have your IDs verified by the Australian Consular Office. This can be done by contacting the Consular Office and arranging the appointment to prove your identity.

Once this is completed, we will need you to send us a scanned copy as soon as possible. The original certified documents will need to be returned to us by post, which we will keep on file in the event of an audit.


Legal advice and assistance continue during COVID-19

We continue to provide our customer services during the coronavirus outbreak.

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