Legal Aid Queensland provides legal advice and funding to people who cannot afford a private lawyer. It is an independent organisation set up under Queensland law and funded by the Queensland and Federal Governments. Legal Aid Queensland can provide funding for a lawyer to represent you in court on some family law cases and civil cases. If you need a Legal Aid funded lawyer to represent you in court or to run your case, you have:

    • To be financially eligible: you will need to pass a means test
    • To have a case that falls within the guidelines set by the government
    • To have  a case with reasonable prospects of succeeding in the legal action

Applying for Legal Aid through Legal Guru in Brisbane

If you wish to apply for legal aid you will need to complete an application form. We also need you to provide the following financial documents to us:

    • Photocopy of your signed health care or pensioner concession card (both sides)
    • Your three most recent pay slips (if you are employed)
    • Your bank statements for all bank accounts you hold for the last three (3) months

If you visit Legal Guru Office in Brisbane for a private consultation we are able to do the legal aid paperwork with you. The nature of legal aid is that you cannot choose your lawyer but you can request a lawyer or law firm to represent you.

Legal Aid Brisbane – Seek advice from a trusted, preferred Legal Aid supplier

Legal Guru recommends that you seek legal advice before you apply for Legal Aid.  Our family law solicitors have experience in settling matters in and out of court, and can help you navigate the family law arena.

Legal Aid Brisbane – Family Law

To find out more about Legal Aid Queensland, get in touch with Legal Guru in Brisbane. Our reliable, supportive and knowledgeable family law solicitors are here to help.