In order to navigate through intrinsic legal tangles you may sometime require professional legal help, which is expensive. This is exactly where the concept of Legal Aid in Queensland comes into play. There are many people all round Brisbane area who cannot afford to pay a lawyer or solicitor for getting legal advice. Our experienced family lawyers offer legal aid in family law matters.

To Apply For Legal Aid you need to complete a for, and supporting documentation such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Rent receipts
  • Pay slips
  • And centrelink papers.

We advise that you consult with us prior applying for a grant of aid if you want us to act.

Will you be able to discuss your matter with a solicitor?
Of course you can discuss your matter with our qualified family lawyers.

Is Legal Aid in Brisbane subject To a Merit Test?
Yes. After all your case should have the merit and you must be eligible under the means test to be granted legal aid.

Why Do We Do Legal Aid Matters?
We know, in family law matters you need someone who will listen to your needs with compassion, empathy, respect and acceptance even if you don’t have the required fund to hire a lawyer. We believe in the fact that everyone has the right to competent legal representation hence we offer Legal Aid in Brisbane for family law matters. Our resolutions emphasize current family law trends while keeping your personal wishes and goals in mind.

Our team of expert family lawyers will take you through the family law process with as little emotional cost as possible. We offer bespoke and innovative legal solutions that may combine experience and expert legal know how

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